Sweethaven Farm & Flowers grows a variety of perennial and annual flowers for sale at the farm stand and direct to the public for personal enjoyment and for events.  Our arrangements represent traditional garden bouquets and have a less structured context than found at traditional florists.  SHF&F offers a variety of vintage vases and vessels to create one-of-a-kind arrangements for both home, business and events.  

Our flower choices and garden design are largely reflective of the cutting gardens which were grown by Sharon’s grandmother Mary Noble Wells. It was Mary who originally planted and sold gladiolus and zinnias from the road side at her family home in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut. "Mom" & "Pop's" home was always open to friends and family. It was a place where the door was never locked, fresh flowers from the garden filled the house, a new batch of chocolate chip cookies always topped off the cookie jar and there were abundant vegetables and berries picked fresh from the garden for summer meals. We continue to draw upon their inspiration and influence to create the same environment for family, friends and customers at Sweethaven Farm.

SHF&F has an extensive variety of flowers in our 3 acres of gardens and flower fields.  Flowers for the 2018 season are listed below (conditions permitting).  We are forever planting new varieties so visit the site frequently for a listing of availability throughout the season.

Allium: Caeruleum

Asclepias: White & Pink

Asiatic and Oriental Lilies: Mixed Standard & Dwarf

Bee Balm

Black Eyed Susan



Crocosmia: Emberglow, Lucifer

Daffodils: Apricot Whirl, Sir Winston Churchill, Cheerfulness, Yellow Cheerfulness, Tazetta Essentials, Avalon, Delnashaugh, White Lion, Tahiti, Thalia

Dahlia: Karma, Fascination, Gerrie Hoek, Mixed Varieties in Standard and Dinnerplate, Cafe Au Lait

Dames Rocket





Gloriosa Daisy


Hydrangea: Multi-varieties in pinks, greens, whites


Lupine: My Castle, The Governor, Mixed Wild


Mexican Tuberose


Papaver Orientale: Pattys Plum, Helen Elizabeth, Pinnacle

Peonies:  Coral Charm, Raspberry Sundae, Buckeye Belle



Penstemon: Palmer & Smooth




Siberian Iris: Dance Ballerina Dance, Butter & Sugar, Purple



Sunflower: Ring of Fire, Mammoth Grey-Stripe, Moonshine, Chocolate, Velvet Queen, Red Sun

Tulips:  Double Pink Mix, Charming Beauty, Angelique, La Belle Epoque, Victoria's Secret, Apricot Delight, Blusing Beauty, Big Apricot, Daydream, Foxtrot, Foxy Foxtrot, Much Niceness, Vital Signs, Akebono. Cretaceous, Aveyron, Mount Tacoma

Zinnia:  Assorted colors California Giants, Pumila