AT THE FARM STAND The Farm Stand is now closed for the winter (Updates and news are listed below. Call the farm for florist services or lamb/breeding stock until we re-open the farm stand in May). 


JANUARY 11, 2018 Update:  

2018 PART-TIME SEASONAL HELP NEEDED:  Love flowers, gardening, working outdoors, and putting in a day of hardwork at a traditional New England small farm?  We are looking for a few good people to help with bed prep, planting, weeding, harvesting, flower arrangements, representing the farm at farmer's markets, order management and expansion, making deliveries and a number of other tasks.  If interested, please call the farm at 413-628-3947 or email: with details about your skills and experience.   We are looking to start preparation April 1.  Flexible hours and days available.  

FLOWERS:  We successfully planted over 10,000 bulbs including a number of varieties of tulips and daffodils and added another 100 peony plants to our current 200 plants, increased our asiatic lilly beds to 200 plants and planted assorted iris and papaver as well this fall.  This year we will have nearly 3 acres of flowers to be sold at the farmstand, local farmer's markets and through custom orders.  Visit our cut flower page to view a listing of what to expect in the coming year. 

LAMBS: What a season this has been!  Sunny, our ram, continues to deliver with 100% conception  and over 200% lambing rates this year in our aseasonal breeding program.  We had 13 lambs born and all are gaining quite nicely.  This year's lamb crop is particularly friendly and we have some nice ram lambs who are friendly and hardy.  If you are looking for a ram to enhance your breeding program we are holding back a few exceptional ones from this year's production for sale.  Records are available for dams and sires since we started lambing 3 years ago.

2018 EXPANSIONARY ACTIVITIES: Flowers, flowers and more flowers......Continued expansion of our gardens and flower offerings is anticipated and we will add farmer's markets to our distribution program.  As the new year develops we will be updating the website to highlight where you can find us in the coming year.  See the CUT FLOWER page for details of flower varieties and the EVENTS page for where and when to find us in the coming year.

Happiness is a full barn of new lambs! We have reserved 6 new ewe lambs to add to our breeding stock which will double our lamb outputs annually and allow us to use one of our own pure-bred Dorset rams for breeding with the potential to lamb 2x per year (spring and fall versus only fall).  These new lambs are free of any genetic overlap with our existing flock and are the same traditional purebred english Dorsets.  We are currently in the process of updating NSIP records and EBVs for our flock.  Look for more information in the next few weeks. NOTE: SHF&F does not engage in any inbreeding activities what-so-ever to maintain the flock's integrity and superior breeding attributes. 

CUTTING GARDEN SERVICE:  Interested in a cutting garden of your own?  We are happy to help.  We can design, install and create a garden for you which fits your taste and lifestyle.  Large or small. We'll bring the seed, tractor, tillers, compost and all the needed equipment.  Call or email if you would like to have your house filled with garden-to-vase flowers all season long! 

Locally Grown Advisement:  Sweethaven Farm & Flowers is a seasonal grower and retailer of cut flowers. While we sell what we grow, we often source from other local producers and in the early season from more traditional floral suppliers.  "Local" often means that flower availability is dependent upon the growing conditions and therefore, the breadth of supply may be limited.  Please feel free to specify "locally grown" in your order.  We will do our best to accommodate your request, source through other local growers or refer you to a farm which more closely fits your needs.