Sharon Wells, Owner

Sharon is the principal farmer and owner of Sweethaven Farm & Flowers® as well as a partner in Sweethaven Farm Girl, a seller of vintage farm goods and apparel primarily for women and children with locations in Ashfield, MA and Madison, Wisconsin. Sharon brings over 25 years of business management and practical small farming experience to the Sweethaven Farm & Flowers and Sweethaven Farm Girl operations.  

Sharon holds an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Isenberg School of Management and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Westfield State College.  She has participated in a number of exceptional livestock and farm management programs sponsored by Penn State University, Colorado State University and most recently, the Stockbridge School of Agriculture where she is currently enrolled in the certificate program in Sustainable Food and Farming. 


Charles "Peter" Merrill, Owner

Peter's first introduction to livestock started when he was 4 years old and he received his first lambs as an Easter gift at our farm in Suffield, CT. Peter wears many hats and provides a significant amount of marketing, general business and IT support for the farm business. He also serves as one of our most valuable farm hands, helping to build fence, move dirt and rock, mow, tend to new lambs, work the farm stand or handle any other task that may come along.


Maya Kirsi, Floral Designer

Maya was born and raised in California, and spent her formative years picking blooms from her parents’ bountiful garden. Her love for flowers led her to begin working as a floral designer, and she’s been doing so for over six years now. Maya’s work is inspired by nature, and she would describe her design style as unstructured and wild, while also artful and deliberate. As a supporter of sustainable farming and the Slow Flower movement, Maya strongly prefers to work with locally sourced blooms – which is why she is thrilled to be working at Sweethaven.


Cathy Keough, Field Operations

Cathy was raised in Western MA and has been working on local farms for the past ten years. She is dedicated to nurturing local land and local people through slow, sustainable, and creative agriculture and landscaping. Aside from farming, Cathy works as an herbalist in her local community and as independent gardener. She is excited to be in the Sweethaven soil, encouraging beautiful blooms all season long.


Friends, Family & Community

Sweethaven Farm & Flowers® also does not fail to recognize the benefit of the generous support and insights of long-time farmers and friends within and outside of the community. We are forever greatful for their continued involvement and influence on the success of our operation.