Sweethaven Farm & Flowers® raises registered polled Dorset sheep for meat production and for breeding purposes. Raising polled Dorsets is an extension of our prior experience with Dorsets at our farm in Suffield, CT in the 1990's. They are hearty during long winter months and have the ability to breed "out-of-season" which provides a number of advantages for small producers (including no lambing during the cold New England winters!). 

According to the Continential Dorset Club, "Horned Dorsets were the dominate type of Dorset sheep in America until the development of Polled Dorsets in the 1950's from a gene mutation in the 1950's.  The polled strain has helped Dorsets become one of the most popular sheep breeds in the country today, where it has the largest white face breed registry in the country and second overall. Dorsets breed out-of-season, are excellent mothers and milkers, lamb with relative ease, and produce a high percentage of multiple births. They are meat-type sheep with excellent carcass traits.  Due to their moderate size and fast, effcient growth, they are profitable producers of lamb, milk, and wool. Because of these qualities the Dorset sheep are adaptable to all types of sheep enterprises, from the full-time large commercial producer to the small part-time farm flock owner". 

The welfare of our flock is our primary priority and we take pride in the management of our flock which is reflected in their quality and health.  The flock is primarily grass fed and we practice pasture rotation during the late spring, summer and fall months and supplement with good quality hay through the remainder of the year to the greatest extent possible.  

SHF&F is a member of the Continental Dorset Club as well as the Northeast Sheep and Wool Growers Association. We are also committed to doing our part to support Scrapie eradication and voluntarily participate in the USDA's National Scrapie Eradication Program (NSEP). 

Breeding Stock: We routinely have registered breeding stock available for sale. Please call or email for a listing of available stock or to place a deposit for lambs or yearlings to supplement or start your flock. We track EBV's and are a participant in the National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP). 

Lamb: You can order lamb by filling out one of our order forms located in the stand or by calling the farm. We are taking deposits on whole processed or live lambs until January 1, 2018.   We require a $200 deposit on all lambs reserved.  An additional fee is required for registration of lambs for breeding stock. Call or email the farm for more details.